Tie-dye for the Quilter and for those that like Unique Clothing

I fell in love with tie-dye while working with a group of international students several years ago. I soon found I really enjoyed the process of folding/tying shirts and applying the dyes. I then applied my love of quilting to tie-dying my own fabric and many other items.

I am fussy about my stock fabric for the quilting. I had used American Made Brand Solids in the past and was happy with the performance of the fabric in my quilts so I began tie-dying it - with very happy results. Not to mention, its American made!  I use their name here with their blessing.

The tie-dyed fabric works just as a batik fabric would. You can use it to be the star fabric, a blender, or a coordinating fabric. Solids and most prints pair well with it. It will give your next project a unique look!  You can use it for pretty much any purpose from scrub caps and face masks to baby quilts and tote bags.

I work hard to make sure the dyes stay put without fading. My own family's shirts still look as good as the day I made them. They have been washed and worn many times with no fading.
Everything is hand dyed with no machines, except the washer and dryer, right here in our home studio.  Every purchase helps to support a small business. :)

I look forward to creating a special tie-dyed item for you! Got a suggestion? Please message me.



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